Liesl D Hinkly SEP


I am a Certified Rolfer and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, having established a successful and thriving practice over the past 16 years in London and Brighton. Working with people from all walks of life, my work teaches my clients how to move on from accidents, surgery and restrictive patterns that may be holding them back. 

Central to my fascination with Rolfing is the territory of body re-education and how this can start the process of healing: the way we live in and relate to our body determines its capacity for change. Rolfing nurtures this unique relationship between the body and change and puts people back in touch with their lives.  

My work supports my clients’ bodies as they renegotiate the effects of trauma, which can get stuck within its layers for many years. I use a powerful combination of Rolfing and Somatic Experiencing techniques, which can bring peace and relief to sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder and its associated symptoms. This dual approach can change a person’s body’s experience of being alive. 

My time spent with Liesl has been both cathartic and metamorphic. I remember going to her broken down physically and mentally and this magician of a woman pieced me together with strength and great care. Rolfing is a commitment and Liesl takes you on a voyage of discovery a journey worth taking. I would highly recommend this experience with her.
— James D'Silva - Creator of the Garuda Pilates Method

Working with adults, families and children, I have earned a reputation as an intuitive, perceptive body worker. 


A Rolfer's calling card

Before I became a bodyworker I learnt about "seeing" in quite a different way. Growing up in the film industry there was much emphasis on how things looked on the outside. I continued in this direction while studying History of Art and Film studies at Middlesex University, graduating in 1991. Learning how to see and visually assess art and photography became the foundation of my work as a Rolfer.


"Seeing"  is a Rolfer's calling card. When you first train as a Rolfer you just can't imagine how you're going to ever be able to see into the body and do what we call a " body reading". It does take practise but we're actually all doing it all the time; it's just about honing your eyes and opening up your vision, collecting cues from all the non-verbal communication layers and listening on many different plains. 

I have been a Certified Rolfer for the past 13 years and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for eight years. I trained to be a Rolfer over four years; first travelling to Boulder, Colorado, in October 2001 to complete my first module at The Rolf institute. The following year I studied at The Rolf Institute in Isla de Santa Catarina in Brazil, finally travelling to Munich, Germany, for my last module, where I qualified in April 2004.

After qualifying I came home to England and set up London's first Rolfing concessions clinic in Clapham. Two and a half years later I embarked on the intense and profound three-year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training in London. 

During these early years, while I began to establish my practice at the reputable The Life Centre in Notting Hill Gate, I had the honour for four of those years of also working alongside some of the dons of bodywork in the UK at The Medicine Group on Harley Street.

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