More Testimonials

‘I consider Rolfing an essential part of a balanced life. Everyone needs a good team. A good accountant, a good lawyer, a good GP... and a good Rolfer! I’ve worked with some really skilled bodyworkers over the last 25 years and Liesl is one of the best.’
— Michael Miller
“This was such a powerful experience for me. I had contacted Liesl after experiencing a lot of back and shoulder pain from being so tall. What I got was a lot more. I notice so much more. I’ve found a much greater access to ease and flow not only physically, but also emotionally. This really has had such a huge impact on my life!”
Marc Quinn, Web Designer
“I came to Liesl out of curiosity with some scepticism to better align my leg after a knee operation and improve the range of movement in my shoulders. Three months later she had aligned my feet-legs-hips-tummy-chest-back-neck-head and given me an incredible sense of well being. Wow! A huge thank you.”
"It was highly recommended to me by a Yoga Master and Liesl was the person I was told was the absolute best. Well the Yoga Master was right and the effects have been physically and emotionally profound. It has been a remarkable experience and I have felt safe, secure and absolutely supported throughout by Liesl."
Frances Mossman, London
“After each session I can feel myself coming back to centre – as if my body is returning to its original state of balance and equilibrium. I highly recommend the 10 session programme as a way to gain strength, balance and remove points of tightness and constriction in the flow of energy in the body. A very powerful and nourishing experience.”
Jillian Lavender, Meditation Teacher
"Rolfing itself I find impossible to describe but the effects of Rolfing are AMAZING. I was suffering from chronic fatigue and stress, had regained my life to about 60% but I still had to sleep in the afternoons and it was hard to plan and lead a normal life.
I now lead a full life, I can plan, I do have energy for family, work, social life, swim, walk and have stopped feeling like I’m 92 and watching life from the sidelines. I don’t need to suddenly sleep in the afternoons. Not only has my fatigue gone but additional aches and pains that you just start to accept as a normal part of life have gone.
If you are reading this you probably think you need Rolfing, so you can carrying on thinking about it and wondering what could happen to your life or you could be like me and start really living the life you want."
Anne Silverman, Cambridge
“After one session I felt like I could fly. After the entire 10 series I had undergone a profound shift, physically, mentally and emotionally. Working in partnership with Liesl over three years has guided me to a far more grounded, connected, pain free, aware and integrated life on so many levels.”
“I did the 10 session Rolfing series with Liesl. She really took time to understand my issues and what I wanted to achieve. The main benefit for me was to relieve the neck pain that I had regularly since college, which had gotten worse from sitting at a computer every day. I really do feel better as a result of the Rolfing sessions.”
D.E., London
"My rolfing treatment facilitated a profound level of physical and emotional development. I grew through the experience knowing that my reaction to this work was entirely what I needed, even though it was not always what I expected.
The treatment was measured, highly supportive, relevant and authentic. I felt implicitly guided by Liesl to a place that was fully appropriate for me and my stage of development. Although the work was intense at times, we did not “shy away” from anything, Liesl ensured we worked at a suitable pace that resulted in sustained growth.
Throughout the experience I felt a deep bodily awareness of responding to a hugely beneficial process on many levels. Whilst this was not always tangible, I am now far more in the body, grounded, and have access to a physicality, physical resilience and body awareness that had previously eluded me.
Rolfing is an experience that I recommend all actors undergo, not as a luxury but as a prerequisite for development."
Alexander, Actor, London

"I am very grateful to Liesl for the help she gave me. She is a rare therapist who admirably combines the qualities of a great listener and observer with excellent bodywork skills to produce a great outcome for her patients. I am happy to say that, largely as a result of Liesl’s treatment and instruction, I now walk much taller. I would wholeheartedly recommend Liesl to anyone seeking relief from posturing issues or similar shortcomings."
John, Business Consultant, London