The Technique

Rolfing is designed to release restricted connective tissue, muscle fibres, joints and internal structures from life-long holding patterns, through an original and scientifically validated system of soft tissue manipulation.

This is not “manipulation” as in the clicking of bony joints, but instead gentle, steady, slow and generally very deep pressure. Through this pressure we are working to change the feeling and health of the connective tissue system – known as the Myofascial network. Over time, elements of our personal history and environment blend with our reactions to them to form a complex, individual body structure.

Rolfing Is Not Vigorous Deep-Tissue Massage; it's a bodywork technique involving the application of pressure onto and into the tissues of the body.

Rolfing is a very positive experience that engages the body in a process of transformation. This can be particularly poignant if people feel that they have lost touch with their bodies and even with their lives. It aims to create freedom of movement and space within the structures of the body. Helping clients to re-ground can be the primary stage of taking those first steps into a new relationship with your body and your potential.

Gathering information from sources such as body reading, movement analysis, working habits and sleep patterns, I will work alongside you and your patterns taking into account both your medical history and the experiences you’ve lived through.

Throughout the experience I felt a deep bodily awareness of responding to a hugely beneficial process on many levels. I am now far more in the body, grounded, and have access to a physicality, resilience and body awareness that had previously eluded me.
— Alexander, actor, London

There Are Things About Rolfing That Amaze Me

Firstly one of the most bizarrely amazing things is how few people have heard of it. The second thing that amazes me every day that I work with this beautifully intuitive technique, is just how much it can do on so many different levels.

Rolfing Supports Your Body’s Quest To Be Free


Sometimes I hear myself saying “Rolfing finds you where you need it” – almost as though it has a homing device to find the places that need to be worked on to release.

'Release' is quite a buzz word these days. We are all looking to release something. To let go of something that’s holding us back. Whether it’s an old injury that never really healed, an early breathing pattern that doesn’t belong to us any more or an out-of-date belief or body image that we’ve outgrown.

We search for freedom in its many guises. To be free from the parts of ourselves that no longer represent who we really are today. I think it’s a bit like this for the body; it too wants to change and grow and evolve. But that can be difficult if it’s stuck.

Of course, the experiences we’ve been through will all leave their mark, whether in our connective tissue system, our hearts, our perception or even in our relationship to our world. But what we want is for your body to be able to move on, repair and feel free.

That’s what we’re working towards, together.