Katrina Repka, Yoga Master.jpg

Katrina Repka, Yoga Master

"My experience with Rolfing with Liesl was a revelation. She is one of the most intuitive and lovely practitioners that I have ever come across and works on so many different levels to facilitate change. Liesl looked after my body, mind, and spirit, and made me realise that I was more in balance than I thought I was! I will continue to recommend her to all of my clients as the synergy between Yoga and Rolfing is unparalleled."
james dsilva.jpg

James D'Silva, creator of The Garuda Pilates Method

"My time spent with Liesl has been both cathartic and metamorphic. I remember going to her broken down physically and mentally and this magician of a woman pieced me together with strength and great care. Rolfing is a commitment and Liesl takes you on a voyage of discovery  a journey worth taking. I would highly recommend this experience with her."
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Liv Lowrie, Osteopath

"Rolfing has been both a physical and emotional treatment, completely restoring my body and health. The severe knee pain was cured after the third session and I am now running and skiing again as before. Liesl has got a unique talent with her profound knowledge and wisdom of the body as a whole."