I find change to be one of the most exiting prospects we have. We are changing all the time. But can your body change? 

If we’re going to explore how Rolfing can change the body it is important for us to first understand exactly how the body can change, because indeed it can. This was one of Ida Rolf’s most astute and groundbreaking discoveries: that the body is malleable and therefore changes.

Being a biochemist she studied the laws of mechanics and the laws of physics. If you apply pressure to the tissues of the body it creates heat and energy, both of which change the consistency of the connective tissue system. There is a certain characteristic of the fascia in the way it can melt and soften that gives space and freedom to the surrounding bones and organs. The body can change but how aware of that have you been before now?

Sometimes it is easy to forget. Isn’t it amazing how we can get used to that pain in the wrist or tightness in a hip? And how many times have you thought "I’m getting older, it’s to be expected"?

Yes we can expect our bodies to change throughout our lives: that is a given. I don’t think we ever have to get used to pain or discomfort. I think it’s possible to make a difference and make it easier for your body. That’s what we will be working towards in Rolfing.

I’ve noticed a wonderful synergy with Rolfing and change. I find that when people are going through big life changes they often seek out a Rolfer. Whether you’re turning 40 or 60, are getting married, coming out of a marriage or have got to a place in your life when you realise you want something else for your body – these can be times in our lives when we need extra support. The change is happening anyway, often at quite a pace, so it can be a very poignant time to look to the body for answers that can aid you during this time of transition. 

When the body is released from chronic holding patterns it is common for the client to also experience a sense of release from emotionally charged material, and in this sense Rolfing can act as a catalyst for emotional growth and change. Your body knows you better than anyone and it is through the body that we can understand more about who we are and the changes before us.
Your body holds the answers.  Ever wondered what your potential for transformation could look like?